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Encore is the MLIC's new catalog interface.


What is Encore?   

Encore is a search engine that interfaces with the existing library catalog, displaying results of simple keyword queries in an easy-to-use format incorporating various tools organized along the columns that offer the user numerous options for refining the initial search. Employing Web 2.0 technology, Encore integrates discovery, content, and community participation in a way the classic catalog cannot.

How do I search in Encore?

Multiple terms entered in the search box are automatically "ANDed" together.

For a phrase search, enclose the terms "in quotes".

"*"functions as the wildcard. Congress* = Congress, Congresses, Congressional …

Use a "-" to exclude a term.  -Senate.

Once you've 'keyed' in your search, the various means of refining will be presented in columns around your results. These will be largely intuitive and initiated with mouse clicks more so than by "keying". The group of different sized words in blue text in the right column, are referred to as a "tag cloud". The arrangement is alphabetical, and the larger font is assigned to terms that show up in the greatest number within your results. Clicking on a term in the tag cloud instantly narrows your search. Be aware that selecting a subject heading in the tag cloud on the right hand column, or any of the facet options in the left column will only search within the results from your current keyword search.

The limits you select will appear under the orange bar at the top of the results list. In order to remove or undo a selected limit, click on the red "x" next to the term.

To view records 'by' and not 'about' a famous person, click on the "Author" facet on the left.

How are the search results ranked?

As in the Classic Catalog, the default ranking is by relevance. Relevance is based on a combination of factors such as: in which fields your search terms were found; the proximity of your search terms within a field … etc. Within each of those categories, they are sorted by year with the most recent first. You can change the sorting preference by selecting either "Title" or "Date" under the orange bar at the top.

How will my search results differ from a 'Classic Catalog' search?

A simple, identical keyword search in both will produce very similar results and rankings. From this point, Encore will be more convenient to refine, whereas the 'Classic Catalog' will allow you some more advanced searching capabilities such as browsing by author, title, subject. If you are comfortable with Boolean search strings, you may prefer 'Classic" with its multiple text boxes, and the fact that neither the "or" operator, nor the use of parentheses are currently supported in Encore.



1. Enter a keyword search, or click "Explore Related Searches" for suggestions.

2. Log in to view your personnel account information.

3. Click on the University of Tulsa logo to return to the Encore start screen.

4. Search for articles on your topic.

5. Narrow or refine your current search through the selection of keywords or "tags".

6. Check for recent additions to the collection on your topic. Requires TU ID login.

7. Make note of the call number to find the item in the collection, or click on the title to view more details. You can also add the item to your "cart" list and email it to yourself or others, and view web resources related to the item by clicking "Explore".

8. Refine you search by selecting from various "facets"


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9. Run a new search on a related topic.

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