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First Year Focus on Research: Home

Information about resources available in the MLIC

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Welcome to the MLIC's Resources and Legal Research Aides Libguide!

This guide collects useful information for our first year students on getting the most out of the MLIC.

Across the top above there are tab links to areas on using the MLIC for studying as well as information on various legal research tools.

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Circulation Desk

The Circulation Desk is the first desk you see as you come into the library. At the Circ Desk you can ask for general room directions, check out books, and check out materials from the Reserve Collection.  The Reserve Collection is a mini-library of high-use materials which have shorter check out times than most materials.  On Reserve you will find study aids, materials your professor has pulled for your specific class, and new legal periodicals.

Study Carrels

Carrels are available for rental to law students.  Carrel rental fee is $35.00 for both the fall and spring semesters or they can be rented individually each semester for $20.00.  Carrel rental will take place at the end of the first week of the fall session.  3rd and 2nd year students are given first choice.  The 1st year students will come next.  There are plenty of carrels so don't fear that one will not be available.  Carrels provide a locked cabinet where class books can be locked in.  At no time should any personal belongings, e.g. purses, laptops or any valuables be left at your carrel or locked in your carrel.

Study Rooms

Study rooms can be reserved for group study for a 3 hour period of time and are for law student use only.  Study rooms are reserved at the Circulation Desk. 


There are four photocopiers available in the MLIC.  Two are located on the 1st floor and one on the 3rd floor.  Copies are 10 cents a sheet.  Copiers accept coins and paper money.  A copy card can be purchased at the Circulation desk for $10.00.

Ask A Librarian!

Email an MLIC librarian at for help.

Printing & Computers in the MLIC

1. Get your laptop set up to print on the TU network at the Computing Open House on Day 1 of Foundations in Legal Study.  If you're still having problems printing (and you haven't overrun your print balance, see #4 below) check with the computing department.