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Oklahoma Regulatory Materials: Oklahoma Administrative Code

About the Administrative Code


 75 O.S. 256 Authorizes the publication of the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC).  The OAC is by statute to codify, compile, index and publish agency rules and Executive Orders. The OAC is the only official publication of Oklahoma's rules and executive orders.

Frequency - The Oklahoma Administrative Code is published and supplemented or revised annually.

The current edition is the 2011 edition which is updated by cumulative annual supplement.  The Oklahoma Register updates the OAC between the annual supplements.  

Content and Arrangement

The OAC is a compilation of all:

  • permanent and preemptive rules that have been filed with the Secretary of State as of a given date.
  • executive orders that have been filed with the Secretary of State as of a given date.

The OAC is arranged by state agency.  Each agency has been assigned a Title number which is further subdivided by chapters, subchapters, parts and sections.

OK Administrative Code Print

Official Oklahoma Administrative Code

Locate the print code and its supplements in the MLIC 2nd floor
Oklahoma Collection at KFO 1231.A544 2011

Ok. Administrative Code Electronic


  • The online OAC is unofficial.
  • Contains rules and executive orders as they appear in the database that is used to produce the official OAC.
  • The database and the online OAC are updated as soon as possible after rules and executive orders become effective.

OAC on WESTLAW  contains full text of the OAC

OAC on LEXIS contains full text of the OAC