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Oklahoma Regulatory Materials: Oklahoma Register

About the Register

 75 O.S. 255 Authorizes the publication of the Oklahoma Register.  The Statute directs that the Register be issued not less than monthly and include "new rules, any amendment, revision or revocation of an existing rule, emergency rule, any notices of such rulemaking process and Executive Orders as are required by law to be published."

Similar in function to the Federal Register.  It is the vehicle to notify the public of new or proposed rules and of any change to an existing rule.

Frequency - Semi-monthly on the first working day of the month and the first working day following the 14th day of the month.  Issues are numbered with a volume.

Content of Issues

  Issues of the Register may include any or all of the following:

   * Table of Contents for the issue.

   * Agency/Action/Subject Index - This index covers the contents of the individual issue and is not cumulative.

   * Rules Affecting Index - This feature updates regulations in the Oklahoma Administrative Code by indicating any code section which has been affected by a change reported in a previous Register issue within a volume.  The index is cumulative in each issue of a volume.

   * Agency/Title - This index contains the agencies and the Oklahoma Administrative Code Title assigned to that Agency.

   * Notices of Rulemaking Intent required by 75 O.S. 303. - Summaries of the new or amended rule, comment period, scheduled hearings, statutory authority, contact person for comments and information.

   * Continued Hearings/Comment Periods - Extended public comment periods.

   * Submissions for Review - These rules are those adopted by the agency and sent on to the legislature and to the Governor for review.

   * Gubernatorial Approvals - The rules approved by the Governor are published in the Register.

   * Emergency Adoptions - There is an expedited rulemaking process in certain circumstances contingent upon the Governor's approval. Emergency rules are published as final with the Governor's approval.

   * Executive Orders of the Governor

   * Local Projects - Announcements of contracts for local projects which receive state funding.

   * Miscellaneous

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