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MLIC Floor Guide to Materials: Oklahoma Statutes

This guide describes basic use of specific sets of books in the MLIC, and is best used in conjunction with a mobile phone and the QR Codes you will find near the sets. If you are accessing this guide via the MLIC's app, just select a floor and book set.

Oklahoma Statutes

The Oklahoma Statutes are the official printed code of the state of Oklahoma.  A "code" is a topical arrangement of all the laws currently in force. While these are the current, official statutes of the state of Oklahoma, this set can be slightly cumbersome to use, and you will find more information (such as court cases interpreting your law) in the green set to your right titled, "Oklahoma Statutes Annotated".

The Oklahoma Statutes are completely printed every ten years (1971, 1981, etc.) and updated in the interim by supplement volumes.

Finding a Statute

The Oklahoma Statutes are arranged alphabetically by topic in "Titles", and within each title they are further subdivided into Sections.  Use the index at the end of the set to find relevant topics and sections.

Note - because the set is only printed once every ten years, if you were asked to find a law as it read in 1994 you would first find the title and section in the 1991 volume, then the 1992 supplement, the 1993 supplement, and finally the 1994 supplement. By comparison, you would only need to look two places in the Oklahoma Statutes Annotated (the main volume, the pocket part, and the newest.


See your ALWD or Bluebook for exact citation, including local rules:

Okla Stat. tit. 5, § 5 (1955).

...means Oklahoma Statutes title 5, section 5, passed in 1955.