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MLIC Floor Guide to Materials: States Materials

This guide describes basic use of specific sets of books in the MLIC, and is best used in conjunction with a mobile phone and the QR Codes you will find near the sets. If you are accessing this guide via the MLIC's app, just select a floor and book set.

States Materials

This large section contains state materials, including reporters, digests, session laws, and codes for the individual states. The materials are organized alphabetically by state name. Please note the Last Updated sticker on the spines of the volumes: since so much of this information is available online, many materials are no longer being updated.

However, these states' statute materials are current: California, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas.

For more information about searching for case law using a state's digest and reporter, please click here.

For more information about searching for statutes using a state's code, please click here.