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MLIC Floor Guide to Materials: Century & Decennial Digests

This guide describes basic use of specific sets of books in the MLIC, and is best used in conjunction with a mobile phone and the QR Codes you will find near the sets. If you are accessing this guide via the MLIC's app, just select a floor and book set.

Century & Decennial Digests

From this row to the end make up the American Digest. These are combined digests, meaning they include summaries of state and federal cases from all jurisdictions in the United States. These combined digests are broken down into the General, Decennial, and Century Digests. Each covers the following dates:

  • Century Digest                            1658-1896
  • First Decennial Digest                  1897-1906
  • Second Decennial Digest              1907-1916
  • Third Decennial Digest                 1916-1926
  • Fourth Decennial Digest               1926-1936
  • Fifth Decennial Digest                  1936-1946
  • Sixth Decennial Digest                 1946-1956
  • Seventh Decennial Digest             1956-1966
  • Eighth Decennial Digest                1966-1976
  • Ninth Decennial Digest, Part 1       1976-1981
  • Ninth Decennial Digest, Part 2       1981-1986
  • Tenth Decennial Digest, Part 1       1986-1991
  • Tenth Decennial Digest, Part 2       1991-1996
  • Eleventh Decennial Digest, Part 1   1996-2001
  • Eleventh Decennial Digest, Part 2   2001-2004
  • Eleventh Decennial Digest, Part 3   2004-2007

Since these digests are very broad and each covers a specific time frame, they are primarily useful if you know the time period you want to search and you are interested in all jurisdictions. Otherwise, it is best to search the regional or state digests.