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Federal Administrative Research Sources: Federal Register


Current year issues are located in MLIC 2nd Floor reading room at row 213A.

Issues for the previous year are located in 1st floor Government Documents compact shelving.


Federal Register Public Inspection Desk - Documents  on file prior to publication in the Federal Register. Regular Filing documents are routinely placed on file at 8:45 a.m. Eastern Time, for publication in the next day's Federal Register. Special Filing documents are filed at other times and/or dates prior to publication.

Federal Register Documents published in the Federal Register in a web journal format. Federal Register articles are organized into six main topical sections, characteristic of a web journal or newspaper (Money, Environment, World, Science & Technology, Business & Industry, and Health & Public Welfare). The site is an unofficial XML-based edition of the daily Federal Register.

Drafting Agency Regulations

Document Drafting Resources - Includes handbook on drafting regulations; style and writing manual; withdrawal procedures; and definition of terms.  Resources for the creation of effective and understandable agency rules.