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Federal Administrative Research Sources: Code of Federal Regulations


Current year volumes are located in the 2nd floor reading room at row 213A.

Previous year volumes are located in 1st floor Government Documents compact shelving.


The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) is a currently updated version of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). It is not an official legal edition of the CFR. The e-CFR is an editorial compilation of CFR material and Federal Register amendments produced by the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Publishing Office. The OFR updates the material in the e-CFR on a daily basis.

Updating CFR regulations

Start with your CFR citation in the E-CFR.

Note the currency of the information.  Currency will be noted as E-CFR data is current as of [date].  All final regulations as of the currency date are included.  Any regulations finalized after that date must be located in the Federal Register issues after that date.

Scan the Federal Register issues after the currency date of the E-CFR to find final regulations


Use the List of CFR Parts Affected from the Federal Register select the dates you wish to browse by using the pull-down menu. Click GO and then scan the listed CFR titles and parts for those you are interested in.  This will provide you with any final regulations that appear in Federal Register issues since the currency date of the E-CFR.


If you are interested in proposed changes to a CFR title and section as well as final regulations that affect that CFR title and section, use the List of CFR Sections Affected publication.

The List of CFR Sections Affected (LSA) lists proposed, new, and amended Federal regulations that have been published in the Federal Register since the most recent revision date of a Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) title.

To use the LSA, first note the CFR title that contains the regulation you are interested in.

Next, check the most recent revision date for the title. 

Titles 1-16 are revised as of January 1

Titles 17-27 are revised as of April 1

Titles 28-41 are revised as of July 1

Titles 42-50 are revised as of October 1

Check the latest monthly issue since the revision date of the CFR title by opening up the Monthly LSA issues and choosing the latest montly issue from those listed. Issues of the LSA are cumulative so you only need to look in the most current monthly issue for changes.  Dates of coverage for changes will noted at top of LSA pages.

Choose the CFR title you are interested in (open up the PDF version)and scan the listed sections to see if the section you are interested in has any reported changes.  If the section has any changes, you will see the Federal Register page referenced where you will find the change reported.

Access the Federal Register pages by accessing the FDsys retrieve by citation search.