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Federal Administrative Research Sources: Websites and Current Awareness

Current Awareness & Social Media Lists

Government and Social Media Wiki - Agencies and departments are listed alphabetically. Each office's use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds and Flickr are tracked.

Regulation Related Listservs, Newsletters, and RSS Feeds  listed by Federal agency.

Blawg Directory - A comprehensive directory of continually updated law blogs arranged by topic, author type, region, and school.

Regulation Tracking

Justia Regulation Tracker - Track regulations by agency, stage of rulemaking, date.  RSS feed available.

Govpulse - Track regulations by agency, topic, location of the activity mentioned in the Fed. Register, and date.  Word and citation searching is also available.

EPA Regulatory Development and Retrospective Review Tracker (Reg DaRRT) provides information to the public on the status of EPA's priority rulemakings and retrospective reviews of existing regulations. RSS available.  Source for information on the development of Federal regulations and other related documents issued by the U.S. government. E-mail and RSS available to follow individual rules and agency regulatory activity. 

Misc. helpful sites - Federal Register issues presented in a news-like format.  National Archives site is the respository of Federal documents that are so important for legal or historical reasons that they are kept forever.  The Federal Register and CFR are two of those documents. - is a United States Government website produced by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the General Services Administration (GSA).  Each of these agencies has review responsibility in the rulemaking process. provides reliable, transparent information about regulations under development to enable the public to participate effectively in the regulatory process.

Office of Management and Budget - Regulation and Information Policy - Regulatory Matters - Executive Orders, Guidance documents, Records of Agency Meetings re Regulatory Activity, Reports to Congress, etc.


Federal agency websites often include regulations specific to the agency. Check the currency of regulations found on agency websites to make sure that they are not out of date.



   - EPA regs. - Food and Drug Adm. regs.

OMB Watch OMB Watch is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization which exists to increase government transparency and accountability; to ensure sound, equitable regulatory and budgetary processes and policies; and to protect and promote active citizen participation in our democracy.

Regulation Room - A pilot open government project of the Cornell eRulemaking Initiative (CeRI) to improve public participation in rulemaking and other important government policymaking. The project cooperates with various federal agencies to select and present the proposed rules that are available in Regulation Room. However, this is not a federal government site. Discussions on Regulation Room are moderated by CeRI students and faculty or other nongovernmental researchers collaborating with CeRI. The federal agencies whose rules are offered here collaborate in this research, in order to learn about the most effective Web 2.0 strategies for increasing public understanding and participation during rulemaking, but all content and operation are the sole responsibility of CeRI.