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Law Journal Information: Bluebook

Focus on sources for PDF or imaged versions of sources for citation. Useful in cite checking assignments and writing articles.

Examples and Exercises

A Bluebook Guide for Law Students

by Scott Akehurst-Moore

This guide provides commentary, models and tips on the Bluebook (19th Edition) for law students.  The author experienced frustration with the bluebook both as a first year and on a law journal board. The author hopes this guide will offer some helpful advice.

Citation Form for Briefs and Legal Memoranda

This CALI exercise is to help users learn the rules of proper citation form for briefs and legal memoranda. It does not deal with proper citation form for law review footnotes. It is divided into three sections: Section A deals with cases, B with statutory materials and C with secondary authorities.

Bluebooking Guide: Examples

New England Law School examples created to aid law journal staff members.  Click on parts of a citation to read the rule that pertains to correct construction of that part. 

University of Maryland Thurgood Marshall Law Library Citation Exercises

Cali-type exercises on citation of cases, statutes, books, and periodicals.

Lexis - Bluebook - Interactive Citation Workshop

Must sign into Lexis to do these exercises.  Interactive exercises with feedback on incorrect citation form.