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First Year Study Resources: Professional Responsibility

This guide maps study aids available through the MLIC to First Year Courses. Important Caveat: These are meant to be supplementary. ALWAYS do your course reading before looking here.


Need a CALI account? Go to and "Create Account". You'll need a registration code, which you can obtain by going to TWEN -> Add a Course -> MLIC.

West Academic

West Academic requires a separate account from Westlaw (they are different companies). You must use your TU email address to register and create an account. Once you've created an account you can download their app and download their audio books and ebooks.

Galoob: Professional Responsibility

  1. Overview and Sources of Regulation for Lawyers
    1. Sources of Law Regulating the Practice of Law (PR09)
    2. The Law Governing Admission to Practice Law (PR10)
    3. Basis for Attorney Discipline (PR11)
    4. Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1: Preliminary Drill (PR02)
    5. Model Rules of Professional Conduct 2: Questions and Problems (PR06)
  2. MPRE Session 1: Client-Attorney Relationship
    1. Client of Not? (PR14)
    2. Choosing and Withdrawing from Representation (PR12)
    3. Fees (PR13)
  3. Legal Ethics and Criminal Justice
  4. Prosecution: Seeking Justice, Accountability, and Regulation
  5. Prosecution: Prosecutors and Police
  6. Prosecution: Charging
  7. MPRE Session 2: Confidentiality and Privilege
    1. The Attorney's Duty of Confidentiality & the Attorney Client Privilege (PR16)
    2. Exceptions to the Ethical Duty of Confidentiality Designed to Protect Third Persons from Harm (PR17)
  8. Prosecution: Plea Bargaining
  9. Prosecution: Discovery
  10. MPRE Session 3: Roles of Lawyer
  11. Criminal Defense: Defending "Those People"
    1. The Defense Function (PR07)
  12. MPRE Session 4: Conflicts of Interest
  13. Criminal Defense: Effective Assistance
    1. Ethical Considerations for Legal Memo Writing (LWR41)
    2. Appellate Briefs: Ethical and Professional Considerations (LWR42)
    3. Email Correspondence: Ethical and Professional Considerations (LWR43)
    4. Client Advice Letters - Ethical and Professional Considerations (LWR44)
  14. Criminal Defense: Zealous Advocacy
  15. Criminal Defense: Indigent Defense

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