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First Year Study Resources: Civil Procedure II

This guide maps study aids available through the MLIC to First Year Courses. Important Caveat: These are meant to be supplementary. ALWAYS do your course reading before looking here.


Need a CALI account? Go to and "Create Account". You'll need a registration code, which you can obtain by going to TWEN -> Add a Course -> MLIC.

West Academic

West Academic requires a separate account from Westlaw (they are different companies). You must use your TU email address to register and create an account. Once you've created an account you can download their app and download their audio books and ebooks.

Adams: Civ Pro II

  1. Service of Process
    1. Introduction
    2. Due Process
    3. Statutory Requirements
  2. Personal Jurisdiction: (Jurisdiction and Venue Generally: CALI Civ 03)
    1. Jurisdiction over Persons: CALI Civ19
    2. Minimum Contacts CALI Civ19
    3. Specific Jurisdiction: CALI Civ 44
    4. General Jurisidiction: CALI Civ 26
    5. Jurisdiction over Property: CALI Civ 03
    6. Long Arm Statutes / Challenging Personal Jurisdiction CALI Civ 42
  3. Choice of Law
  4. Venue CALI CIv 25, CALI Civ 31
    1. Federal Venue/Doctrines related to Venue
      1. CALI Civ 03
    2. State Venue
  5. Subject Matter Jurisdiction: CALI Civ 03
    1. Introduction / Diversity of Citizenship CALI Civ 32 , CALI Civ 05
    2. Federal Question, Abstention, Supplemental Jurisdiction CALI Civ 33
    3. Removal CALI Civ 27CALI Civ 45
  6. Erie Doctrine
    1. Finding State Law, Substance versus Procedure CALI Civ 22
  7. Preclusion of Later Litigation CALI Civ 17
    1. Claim and Issue Preclusion CALI Civ 40 , CALI Civ 34
    2. Issue Preclusion Involving Nonparties
    3. Full Faith and Credit, Law of the Case, Stare Decisis, Rooker-Feldman CALI Civ 19,
  8. Joinder of Claims and Parties, CALI Civ 11, CALI Civ 18
    1. Joinder of Claims, Counterclaims, and Cross-Claims
    2. Joinder of Parties, Contribution Among Tortfeasors
    3. Impleader, Intervention
    4. Substitution, Interpleader, Real Party in Interest CALI Civ 21
    5. Capacity
    6. Class Actions CALI Lesson 17389
      1. Introduction
      2. Requirements
      3. Procedure
      4. CAFA


CIv Pro II: Royster

Note - Prof. Royster covers the same thing as Prof. Adams in Civ Pro II, but in a slightly different order.

Print Study Aids

Civil Procedure: Examples and Explanations is highly recommended for this course. It contains numerous quizzes which can help you with difficult concepts. A limited number of copies are available for short term checkout at the MLIC's front desk. It is also available at the TU bookstore and through Amazon.

Practice Exams

The MLIC has Civil Procedure exams at TWEN -> MLIC -> Exam Bank.