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First Year Study Resources: Constitutional Law I

This guide maps study aids available through the MLIC to First Year Courses. Important Caveat: These are meant to be supplementary. ALWAYS do your course reading before looking here.


Need a CALI account? Go to and "Create Account". You'll need a registration code, which you can obtain by going to TWEN -> Add a Course -> MLIC.

West Academic

West Academic requires a separate account from Westlaw (they are different companies). You must use your TU email address to register and create an account. Once you've created an account you can download their app and download their audio books and ebooks.

Con Law I: Lamkin

  1. Federal Judicial Power
    1. Judicial Review Marbury v. Madison (CST05)
    2. Interpretive Limits on Federal Judicial Power
    3. Congressional Limits on Federal Judicial Power
    4. Justiciability Limits on Federal Judicial Power
      1. Prohibition on Advisory Opinions
    5. Standing Standing (Constitutional Issues) Introduction (ADM17)
      1. Constitutional Standing Requirements
      2. Prudential Standing Requirements
    6. Ripeness / Mootness Ripeness and Mootness (REM30)
    7. Political Question
  2. Federal Legislative Power
    1. Congress and the States
    2. Commerce Clause and its Power
      1. Initial era The Early Commerce Clause (CST04)
      2. 1890-1937
      3. 1937-1990s
    3. Commerce Clause from 1990's - Present Contemporary Commerce Clause (CST06)
    4. Tenth Amendment and Congress
    5. Taxing and Spending Power
    6. Affordable Care Act
    7. Congress' Power and the Civil War Amendments
  3. Federal Executive Power
    1. Inherent Presidential Power Executive Privilege - Presidential Privilege
    2. Increasing Executive Power and the Line Item Veto
    3. Legislative Veto
    4. Separation of Powers and Foreign Policy
    5. Presidential Power and the War on Terrorism
    6. Checks on the President
  4. Limits on State Regulatory Power
    1. Dormant Commerce Clause Dormant Commerce Clause Podcast (CST01P)
    2. Privileges and Immunities Clause

Con Law I: Parker

  1. Federal Judicial Powers
    1. Interpretive Limits and Congressional Limits
      1. Marbury v. Madison (CST05)
      2. Standing (Constitutional Issues) Introduction (ADM17)
      3. Ripeness and Mootness (REM30)
  2. Federal Legislative Powers
    1. Necessary and Proper Clause
    2. Commerce Clause
      1. The Early Commerce Clause (CST04)
      2. Contemporary Commerce Clause (CST06)
    3. Congress' power under the post-Civil War amendments
  3. Federal Executive Powers
    1. Executive Privilege - Presidential Privilege (ADM25)

Practice Exams

There are several practice Constitutional Law exams in the MLIC's Exambank at TWEN -> MLIC -> Exam Bank.