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MLIC Floor Guide to Materials: Oklahoma Statutes Annotated

This guide describes basic use of specific sets of books in the MLIC, and is best used in conjunction with a mobile phone and the QR Codes you will find near the sets. If you are accessing this guide via the MLIC's app, just select a floor and book set.

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated

This green set is the Oklahoma Statutes Annotated. It contains all the current laws of Oklahoma, accompanied by enhancements such as relevant case law and citations to helpful secondary sources.

This set is not the official code of Oklahoma. That honor goes to the Oklahoma Statutes to your left, but this set is more useful for finding cases and secondary sources related to your statute, and it is easier to update.


To find statutes you have two options.

Browse: The statutes are organized alphabetically by topic.

Use the Index: At the far end of this set are two paper back index volumes covering A-L and M-Z of the alphabet. Think of a few key words and search for them in the index to find a relevant statute.

In the index when you find a relevant statute it will be in the form Title __ Sec. ___.   Look on the spines of the Oklahoma Statutes Annotated to find the volume which contains your Title, then within the title find your section.


After the text of the statute itself you will find help information such as:

  • Historical notes - citations to the session law which created this statute, and citations to the session laws which have amended it.
  • References to possibly relevant West encylopedias (our encyclopedias are located on the third floor of the MLIC).
  • References to secondary sources - Law review or bar journal articles which have discussed this statute.
  • Notes of Decisions - cases which have interpreted this statute.


In the back of any volume you should find a pocket part which should include any changes to the statute itself, as well as newer cases which have interpreted the statute.

After checking the pocket part look at the end of the set, near where you found the index. There might be pamphlets from the Oklahoma Session Law Service. This set of advance materials lists new session laws, cross referenced to title and section number, which have not been incorporated into the pocket parts yet.

Additionally, you can check OSCN for very recent changes to your statute.