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MLIC Floor Guide to Materials: Treatises

This guide describes basic use of specific sets of books in the MLIC, and is best used in conjunction with a mobile phone and the QR Codes you will find near the sets. If you are accessing this guide via the MLIC's app, just select a floor and book set.


1.    What is a treatise?
         a.    Commentary that systematically and extensively explores a legal subject

b.    Subject may be broad or very narrow

c.    Good treatises proved scholarly, well researched discussion of the subject

d.    May be directed to practitioners with additional content such as checklists and forms.

2.    Why use a legal treatise?

a.    In-depth discussion and analysis of a topic

b.    Citations to primary authority

3.    How to choose a treatise

a.    Coverage appropriate to your need

b.    Currency

c.    Credibility

i.    Authors credentials

ii.    Publisher

iii.    Cited in textbooks, cases, other books

d.    Organization makes for easy use

4.    How to access information in a legal treatise

a.    Subject index

b.    Table of contents

c.    Tables of statutes, cases or regulations

5.    Consulting the topic

a.    Locate relevant chapter/section using the index or other finding tables.

b.    Read the text

c.    Read the footnotes

d.    Browse the chapter or part to see if there are other relevant sections

6.    How to update a legal treatise

a.    Pocket parts

b.    Supplements within the treatise or as separate pamphlets

c.    Some treatises receive updated loose-leaf pages which are interfiled, check the title page to see the currency.

7.    What else?

a.    Many treatises are now included in Westlaw and Lexis

b.    Use the MLIC online catalog to link to electronic treatises as well as those in print